Creating Unique Poster Designs


Creating posters is what we do best. Starting a new project with a blank sheet is always something to savour and enjoy. Designing seems to be in our DNA and the creation process of a new poster from start to finish is often a journey with many twists turns until (sometimes by error!) your arrive at your destination and a feeling of satisfaction comes over you. The art is nearly complete!

But wait there are two more important stages before the poster is ready. The first is the waiting game. Waiting is important as it refreshes your eyes, it could be just one nights sleep, but a week or so really seems to provide better results. After a week has passed, reviewing your artwork allows you to see the elements that you perhaps needed changing, but you were simple blind to before.

Rinse an repeat the above process until you are happy, then it is time to show your poster to your colleagues and friends for some (hopefully) honest feedback. Take any suggestions with an open non critical mind (not always easy!), apply any you like and you may be ready to print, first in a smaller size to check colors and then in a larger size to see the full effect of the artwork. Framing is also important, we always frame our nearly ready creations as the frame adds a third dimension to the poster and allows the creator to tick off the last box at the completion stage.

Black poster frames tend to be the most popular but viewing the poster with an oak and white frame can sometimes create a different feeling for the final design. Even at this late stage if the poster is not quite fulfilling the image that you held your head it is important to go back and make the changes.

Please feel look around or website at some of the designs here that have been created by the team our you can get some inspirations from other posters that have been created, around the web and get your new design under way!